Treasured Traditions: A Statement of Place

What does it mean to create?   

“It’s not just a physical experience. It’s a rich spiritual experience that fuels our identity as Indigenous people. It helps ground us, it helps heal us, it helps to connect us.” 

-Jennifer Stevens, Oneida potter 

This season we showcase a selection of art forms that are well integrated into, and delineate the individual character of five Haudenosaunee communities. Stone carving at Six Nations Reserve and raised beadwork at Tuscarora demonstrate tremendous endurance. Seneca basket making and traditional Oneida pottery represent expressions that have been lost, rediscovered, and resurrected. Lastly, we celebrate quiltmaking at Akwesasne—an artistic tradition that, although non-Native in origin, has come to bear a decidedly Iroquoian signature.

On display from April 4, 2019 through November 30, 2019.

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Iroquois Indian Museum

324 Caverns Road

Howes Cave, NY 12092


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