Museum Internship Program

The Iroquois Museum Internship Program provides interns with a hands-on museum experience. Interns work with museum professionals to gain valuable skills and training in museum practice, curatorial, research, exhibition design, education, and archaeological fieldwork. Interns can receive college or service credit. Projects will be tailored to students' interests and needs and are available in the following areas:

Archeology Fieldwork on a Museum dig site and lab work including identification. Working with Archeology Department Head and Curator. Prerequisite: a basic understanding of archeological principles, computer skills.

Collections and Curatorial (Ethnographic, Art, Archeological and/or Library Collections) Fundamentals of registration cataloging, donation and loan procedures, collection maintenance, and data management. Projects can include collection photographing and updating collections access database. Working with Curator. Prerequisite: An interest in material culture, computer skills.

Education Teach and/or develop education programs; i.e. Public programs (events, lectures, workshops), School programs, In-Gallery Programs, Native American Interpretation, Nature Park Programs. Working with Educator and Director. Prerequisite: Interest in public engagement and education, computer skills.

Exhibition and Research – Researching exhibitions about Native Americans. Aspects to be covered: Arranging loans, organizing loan insurance, contacting artists and agents, exhibition design, exhibition implementation, planning and coordinating events, and marketing. Working with Curator and Director. Prerequisite: computer skills

Marketing – Evaluating and creating museum marketing strategies for its audiences. May include creating advertisements and social media promotions. Prerequisite: computer skills

Publishing – Prepare and organize the Museum’s art catalogues for publication and organize individual Iroquois artist interviews. Work with the Museum’s Curator. Prerequisite: Knowledge of Adobe InDesign is a plus.

Interested students should send a cover letter and resume to