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...And That's How That Story Goes - CD

...And That's How That Story Goes - CD

SKU: 4525

Kay Olan, Mohawk,  is an engaging story teller.  " ...And That's How That Story Goes"  include Why the Owl Has Big Eyes and Haudenosaunee Creation Story.  Music by Dennis Yerry. 56:34 minutes long.

Kay Olan likes telling Iroquois stories because they can open people's minds, and help people better relate to each other.  They are stories from her culture.  She has spent much of her life as an 2nd grade elementary school teacher.  It was around 1979 that she first began collecting materials for improving the educational curriculum about Iroquois and other Native American people.  These included stories.  She learned many of them by listening to Iroquois storytellers. Some of her stories take place in the mythical past, while others take place in the here & now.  Her stories are for all ages.

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