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Giving Thanks, 2002 (#7284)

Giving Thanks, 2002 (#7284)

Giving Thanks, 2002 


Trevor Brant, Mohawk 

Deer antler and deerskin

Height: 7 inches

Giving thanks to the natural world from the waters to the stars is the foundation of the Iroquois religion. All things in the universe from humans to rocks to heavenly bodies each has a responsibility to make our world work. "I am a self taught carver, inspired by my Mohawk heritage, through the stories and legends I have been told or read through the years. Nature speaks to me and I find designs from Mother Earth becoming part of what results on my work bench. I believe every one has an artistic side. It is certainly something that we First Nations find to be part of our being. Sometimes you need to search for it, but then it may spring forth at an unexpected moment and change your life. Always keep looking for it, as I have found it so rewarding"

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