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Clay Sculpture

Clay Sculpture

SKU: 7295

Contemplation, 2015, Tammy Tarbell, Mohawk

One of Tammy Tarbell’s unique sculptures because of its abstract form, it  captures the universal essence of a woman’s spiritual life.  wood fired clay approximately 11 inches high.

  • About the Artist

    TAMMY TARBELL,  Mohawk , Turtle Clan

     Tammy is an internationally recognized potter and ceramic sculptor.  Her expressions often fuse traditional and contemporary elements.  Perhaps best known for her sculptures of Native women, Tarbell’s pottery and glazing techniques also make her work readily recognizable.  Tarbell has earned numerous awards and exhibited throughout the United States, as well as in Germany and Belgium.  She was the first woman to receive the Iroquois Indian Museum’s Excellence in Iroquois Arts award in 1996. 


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