Necklace -Onyx Turtle

Necklace -Onyx Turtle

SKU: 2562
  • Black Onyx Turtle on silver necklace
  • Pendant length 1.5 inch; 10 inch silver chain.
  • Chip Isaac, Oneida Turtle Clan, is an accomplished silversmith in addition to creating in numerous other types of media. He first learned about art from his grandmother, who taught him how to work with beads. From there he explored his other talents. In 1967 he joined the U.S. army, and became a member of the I-Company Rangers in Vietnam finishing his tour of duty in 1969. When he returned he became a member of the local 440 Iron Workers. As a high steel worker, Chip helped construct buildings and nuclear plants, such as Seabrook and Nine-mile Island. He retired from iron work around 1984, took up art full-time, and has been at it ever since. 

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