De we get gweh -Albert White

De we get gweh -Albert White

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De we get gweh Shawl Dancer by Albert White Mohawk.

This is a print of a pen and ink drawing. It is signed and numbered 72 out of 300. 16H X 13W with wood frame.


Painting comes to Albert White as naturally as breathing and eating. He sees his art as a part of his subconscious, a gift from the creator.  He works mainly in a figurative style, at times using oils to create serious representational portraits, and at times using pen and ink to create cartoons to get across some humorous point.  He especially enjoys making portraits of animals, and does commissioned work.  He has won numerous honors and recognition.   He became interested in painting in 1968, while working as a janitor at the San Francisco Art Institute.  He took some classes there and began to develop his talent.  He counts as his influences Japanese wood art, Indian art, Norman Rockwell, Renaissance religious art, ledger art, and Carravaggio.