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Illustrated Guide to Nature

Illustrated Guide to Nature

SKU: 4126

Illustrated Guide to Nature, National Geographic

Hardcover  448 pages


Bursting with beautiful images and completely authoritative text, this nature guide introduces you to constellations and weather, rocks and minerals, plants and wildflowers, and trees and shrubs. All of the most common varieties in each natural category are identified and explained, from quartz and granite to dandelions and oak trees. Learn to read the clouds--and understand why one shape predicts rain and another sunshine. Point out constellations in the night sky and recognize planets visible to the naked eye. Each chapter identifies 160 species or phenomena. Five field guides in one, representing a total of 800 of North America's most common wildflowers, trees, rocks and minerals, constellations, and weather patterns. Generously illustrated and logically organized with pointers, pictures, and identification tips, this is the ultimate field guide, an essential family reference and an excellent starting point for anyone eager to learn more about the natural world.

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