KanienKehake - People of the Flint

KanienKehake - People of the Flint

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Alex Jacobs (Karoniaktahke) is Mohawk Nation Turtle Clan.  An activist, broadcaster, musician, poet and visual artist, he is based in Santa Fe, NM.  Originally from Akwesasne, his collage-paintings combine the quilt-making traditions of his Mohawk mother and grandmother with elements from NM. Using his mother’s calico scraps and commercial packaging from American Spirit cigarettes and Land-O-Lakes butter wrappers, he developed a kind of decoupage technique, gluing and varnishing the fabric to create his art. This unique print of two Mohawk men includes traditional tattooing motifs and the calico material often used in ribbon shirts.  Jacobs is a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts and holds a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute.  With matt 14"X11" 


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