Video Visits for Classrooms


A visit to the Iroquois Indian Museum is a great way for students to learn about the Haudenosaunee. Field trips to the Museum may be a challenge due to transportation, schedule, cost or other reasons - but now, you can connect to the Museum without ever leaving your classroom!! Our live, interactive video conference programs will bring a Native American educator from the Museum to your classroom with information that supports the ELA and Social Studies curriculums. Each program uses artifacts and artwork from the

Museum collection which will help students understand this living, dynamic culture.


Available Programs: 

Introduction to the Haudenosaunee


This artifact-filled presentation gives a broad overview of the history, culture & traditions of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois).  The program focuses on Haudenosaunee lifestyles prior to 1492 and how they used natural resources for survival.  The Peacemaker Story will be discussed as well as topics such as the Thanksgiving Address, clans, hunting, cooking, clothing and wampum. Students will see contemporary artwork to gain a better understanding of modern Haudenosaunee and how these traditions continue to be important today. This presentation is interactive and encourages students to ask questions. Much of what is shared will reinforce the concepts

found in the 4th grade ELA curriculum, Modules 1 – Units 1

and 2, and the Social Studies Toolkit, Unit 2. 


 This program is available on Wednesday only.

 Length of this presentation is 55 minutes.

To schedule an Introduction to the Haudenosaunee Video Visit program, please contact Perry Ground at: or call 585-820-0644.

The Haudenosaunee in Colonial America​ 

The arrival of European settlers changed Haudenosaunee lifestyles tremendously. Trade for Beaver pelts between Native people & European settlers introduced new goods and new ideas to Native communities; how the Haudenosaunee adapted to this changing environment is the focus of this presentation.  Topics such as the reason for exploration, the types of new materials brought across the ocean, and the changes to Haudenosaunee lifestyles will be discussed.  Understanding how these changes continued over time and led to Haudenosaunee lifestyles today will be illustrated with artifacts and artwork from the Museum collection. This presentation is best scheduled during the study of Module 2

(A or B) of the 4th grade ELA curriculum or Unit 3 of the Social Studies Toolkit.

This program is available on Wednesday only.

 Length of this presentation is 55 minutes.

To schedule a Haudenosaunee in Colonial America Video Visit program, please contact Perry Ground at: or call 585-820-0644.




Traditional Native American Storytelling


The telling of stories is an age old tradition to teach morals and lessons and explain the natural world around us. These stories are still told today as they were 1,000 years ago by the 

Haudenosaunee (Iroquois). The stories told in this program help reinforce historical and cultural understanding of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois). 

Length of this program is 50 minutes.

This session is great for all Grades, PreK-12.

To schedule a Storytelling  Video Visit program, please contact Perry Ground at: or call 585-820-0644.


Photo of Perry Ground

Program Costs

  • One classroom - $125 per session

  • 2-5 classrooms - $250 per session

  • More than 5 classrooms - $250 plus $50 for each additional classroom

Technical Requirements

  • Video visits will be conducted via in-class Smartboards 

  • A Skype or Google Hangout account is needed

  • PC or Mac computer or laptop with video camera (attached or built-in)

  • Computer speakers and microphone or Smartboard speakers

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