1. Was the Museum built on an archeological or site of special significance to the Haudenosaunee?  The 48 acres purchased for the Museum campus were surveyed for archeological significance prior to its purchase. While the Museum grounds are located within traditional Mohawk territory, no physical evidence of this occupancy was found or disturbed with its construction. The property was selected solely for the interpretive value of its natural features and its proximity to the popular Howe Caverns tourist destination.


2. Does the Museum conduct appraisals? According to the bylaws of our nonprofit charter, the Museum is not permitted to provide appraisals of art or archaeological materials. For such inquiries, please contact a commercial gallery or auction house.


3. Does the Museum accept donations of artwork or artifacts?  With the exception of sacred materials, the Museum does welcome and consider donations of historic and contemporary artwork MADE by Iroquois individuals. Such donations are an important means of building and improving the value of our collection. The Museum does not generally accept artwork made by other native nations, commercially or non-native produced dolls, baskets, dreamcatchers, theatrical costumes, or souvenir items. The Museum does not encourage or condone the non-professional excavation of archaeological sites. 


4. Can the Museum help me to research my Native ancestry? The Museum holds no tribal records, nor do we conduct genealogical research. Guidelines for conducting your own investigations can be found here: https://i36466.wixsite.com/learninglonghouse/genealogy-info