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Comb - Carved - Stan Hill - c159

Comb - Carved - Stan Hill - c159

SKU: C159

Stanley R. Hill (1921 - 2003) Mohawk Nation, Turtle Clan  is an internationally exhibited Iroquois sculptor from Six Nations, Ontario. His sculptures are in the permanent collection of several widely recognized museums including the Iroquois Museum, Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, Rochester Museum and Science Center, and Bolle Museum in France.Stanley Hill discovered his artistic talents when he retired in 1975 from a career as a structural steelworker. Often he represents animals, birds, or wampum belts in his sculpture, and experiments with representing the human face. As a bone sculptor, he sees a link between himself and his forefathers who carved handsome combs and figures as well as household articles from bone.

This exquisitely carved comb is in the style of combs carved by his ancestors. It is from moose antler, dated and signed 1988

This item is approximately 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide.

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