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Hand Pulled Linoleum Print

Hand Pulled Linoleum Print

SKU: C120

Sky Woman and The Earth Grasper "   2010, Print 18 of 30

Linley B. Logan, Seneca Iroquois.

Image refers to the Iroquois Creation story when Sky Woman descends to  Turtle's back and Muskrat grasps dirt from the depths to cover Turtle's carapace. Life then begins on Turtle Island. Similar print exhibited in 2011 exhibition "From Sky World To Turtle Island" at the Iroquois Indian Museum.   

Hand Pulled Linoleum Relief Print with oil based ink

  • About the Artist

    LINLEY B LOGAN, Deer Clan, Seneca

    While Linley Logan  comes from a strong craft background, his paintings go way above and beyond the standard traditionalist perspective.  Through his art, Logan seeks to articulate a blend of traditional philosophies and contemporary lived experience.  While an able representationalist, his work is often abstract, difficult to comprehend, but firmly rooted in his Seneca Iroquois traditions.  He studied at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Sante Fe and received a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology. He has exhibited in numerous exhibitions around the country and his work is in a number of collections.

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