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Alabaster Sculpture

Alabaster Sculpture

SKU: 7289

Face, by Roy Henry, Onondaga Deer Clan


Using the natural contours of the alabaster and highlighting its texture Roy Henry sculpts a haunting figure.

Height: 7 inches   Face turns on its base.

  • About the artist

    Roy Henry, Onondaga Deer Clan

    The faces that peer out of Roy Henry’s sculptures have a strong connection to the spirit-beings who share this Creation with humans. Roy started out as a woodcarver, but in the mid-1970s, he started working in stone, creating carvings for sale. Today he works with a variety of media, including steatite (soapstone), marble, alabaster, catlinite, wonderstone, gypsum rock, limestone, as well as deer antler. Roy carves in a range of scales, from small to very large (or heroic). The subjects of much of his work draw on the oral traditions of the Iroquois, but as articulated and transformed through the individual mind and hands of Roy. He distinguishes between modern, contemporary, and traditional styles, and is adept in all three.

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